Seminar 3

Voices from the classroom: LGBT learners and teachers (King’s College, London) Saturday 21st June 2014

This seminar focused explicitly on the classroom and examined key issues surrounding LGBT invisibility, the closet and the politics of disclosure.    

Speakers and abstracts:

Cynthia Nelson (University of Sydney) Queering ESOL: Rethinking classroom practice using research as a resource

Thorsten Merse (University of Münster) Promoting Sexual Literacy through Queer Pedagogy in EFL and ESOL Classrooms: Materials and Methods

Sheila Macdonald (Community Learning and Skills, Kent Adult Education) Exploring LGBT Lives and Issues in adult ESOL 

The seminar included a reading of the play, ‘Queer as  a Second Language’, written by Cynthia Nelson, based on research interviews carried out with ESOL students and their teachers.

Presentation slides: Cynthia Nelson Thorsten Merse Sheila Macdonald

Rapporteur’s report

Podcasts: To be uploaded

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